What is Video & Display Advertising?

Display & Video marketing is the process of helping brands connect with their audience via various platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin and more.

Businesses can drive brand awareness, engagement, leads and sales.

Video & Display Marketing Benefits

Display & Video marketing has proven to be cost effective in helping businesses achieve their goals.

Done effectively, your Display & Video marketing can exponentially increase your brand awareness, traffic, sales and ROI.

Is your Video & Display Marketing Strategy Effective?

First, identify your brand objectives Then, optimize on the right platforms with the right message and size.

The Rogue Digital Difference

Scientific Based Optimization

Achieve Brand awareness & Brand Recall while getting your loyal customers to remember you and getting new customers to know you.

Cross Platform Attribution

Make the Right Marketing Decisions with Accurate Reporting to Maximize Results.

Expert Specialists

Our Highly Trained Specialists are equipped to help you Achieve your KPIs.


Our performance team provides clients with a depth of expertise in various platforms.

100% in-house, each team member is highly trained in data analysis and optimization.

This ensures quick deployment with minimal downtime.


Our team utilizes an effective combination of AI, tracking technology and human expertise.

Through years of optimization, we’ve defined the success metrics necessary for our clients to achieve their objectives.

This helped us achieve an increase in results for the same budget.

Talk to us to find out more about our result maximizing strategies today.

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Case Study

Industry: Interior Design
Objective: Lead Generation
Target Audience: Home owners looking for interior designers
Platform: Facebook and Instagram Ads

Our interior design client had difficulty generating an effective cost per acquisition for their business.

Issues Identified:
1. High cost per acquisition
2. Use of still images instead of videos for ads

1. Facebook and Instagram Ads Optimization
Our optimization consisted of 2 parts, audience and ad creative split test. We refined their audiences and added the right exclusions for maximum lead quality.

2. Conversion Friendly and Cost Effective Videos 
As videos have proved to be effective for social media campaigns, our team created attention grabbing videos with high conversion rates. This follows industry best practices for maximum effectiveness.

Increase in Monthly Leads


Results Summary:
The client managed to reduce their cost per lead by more than 75%. This allowed them to generate close to 50 more leads per month without increasing their budget.

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Setup an appointment for us to understand your brand and marketing goals.



Allow us to draft an effective strategy tailored to your brand.



We’ll run through the proposed strategy together before campaign setup and execution.



We’ll optimize your campaign based on data and will walk you through the numbers with regular reviews.

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