What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing is paid advertising to showcase your website on search engine results.

The most common form of SEM uses the pay per click model, hence, ad impressions are free.

SEM Benefits

SEM is an effective way to generate leads, sales and grow your business online.

High intent traffic is captured through SEM since potential customers are searching for your products or services.

Is your SEM campaign effective?

First, deploy precise tracking. Then, optimize with technology to maximize ROI.

The Rogue Digital Difference

Scientific Based Optimization

Increase your Marketing ROI and achieve a Lower Cost per Acquisition.

Smart Attribution

Make the Right Marketing Decisions with Accurate Reporting to Maximize Results.

Expert Specialists

Our Highly Trained Specialists are equipped to help you Achieve your KPIs.


Our performance team provides clients with a depth of expertise in Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

100% in-house, each team member is highly trained in data analysis and optimization.

This ensures quick deployment with minimal downtime.


Our team utilizes an effective combination of AI, tracking technology and human expertise.

Through years of optimization, we’ve defined the success metrics necessary for our clients to achieve their objectives.

This helped us achieve an increase in results for the same budget.

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Case Study

Industry: Service Apartment
Objective: Lead Generation
Target Audience: Business Travelers
Platform: Google Search Ads

Initially, the client was running their own SEM campaign. Our team helped to analyze their campaign data and identified several areas of improvement.

Issues Identified:
1. Landing pages had outdated content and images
2. Google Ads account not fully optimized with non converting keywords
3. Conversion Tracking not fully implemented

Landing page Optimization
We recommended adding the right content and layout while tested their campaign with different landing pages. This allowed us to improve their landing page conversion rate, resulting in more inquiries for the same budget

Tracking Implementation
Our team re-implemented the tracking for their ads campaign. This was the 1st step since only accurate tracking would allow us to make the right optimization decisions.

Google Ads Optimization
We proceeded to restructure their campaign, by removing non performing keywords to reduce the cost per acquisition as well as adding new variants of keywords to improve lead quality.

Cost per Acquisition Reduction


Results Summary:
Through our optimization and technology integration, we managed to reduce their cost per acquisition by 51%. This enabled the client to acquire more leads for the same budget.

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