What is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the process of helping brands connect with their audience via social media channels.

Businesses can drive brand awareness, engagement, leads and sales.

Social Media Marketing Benefits

Social media platforms has proven to be cost effective in helping businesses achieve their goals.

Done effectively, your social media can exponentially increase your marketing ROI and loyal brand customers.

Is your Social Media Strategy Effective?

First, deploy precise tracking. Then, optimize with technology to maximize ROI.

The Rogue Digital Difference

Scientific Based Optimization

Increase your Marketing ROI and achieve a Lower Cost per Acquisition.

Smart Attribution

Make the Right Marketing Decisions with Accurate Reporting to Maximize Results.

Expert Specialists

Our Highly Trained Specialists are equipped to help you Achieve your KPIs.


Our performance team provides clients with a depth of expertise in Social Media Marketing.

100% in-house, each team member is highly trained in data analysis and optimization.

This ensures quick deployment with minimal downtime.


Our team utilizes an effective combination of AI, tracking technology and human expertise.

Through years of optimization, we’ve defined the success metrics necessary for our clients to achieve their objectives.

This helped us achieve an increase in results for the same budget.

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Our Social Media Success Strategy

1. Determine your Objective
This determines your social media strategy.
Community Management: Brand Growth, Awareness and Engagement
Performance Marketing: Traffic, Leads, Sales and ROI

2. Determine your Audience, Platforms and Brand Persona
Choosing the right social media platforms is crucial to achieve the right results.

3. Testing and Optimizing your Posts and Audience
Post optimization to identifies the most effective post types.

4. Analyze and Calibrate  
We’ll help you determine which platform drives the best result whether your objective is engagement or ROI.

Clients can expect:

  • Improved Social Presence
  • Greater Brand Engagement
  • Increased Leads, Sales and ROI
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Case Study

Industry: Beauty | Facial
Objective: Lead Generation
Target Audience: Women aged 30 and above
Platform: Facebook and Instagram Ads

Our facial client wanted to drive appointments to try their new facial service. New to digital, they decided to engage us to assess the effectiveness of social media advertising.

Issues Identified:
1. Lack of an effective lead generation system
2. Tracking and Facebook Pixel not implemented


1. Tracking Implementation
As the client did not have the technical know how, their tracking codes were not inserted. Our team helped them with hassle free code insertion, thereby granting the client time savings.

2. Facebook and Instagram Ads Optimization
We proceeded to build their lead generation campaigns, optimizing by creatives and audiences.

Cost per Enquiry


Results Summary:
The client managed to generate more than 450 leads in 3 months with a S$20 cost per lead. Having generated a steady stream of customers, business growth and sustainability is ensured.

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We’ll run through the proposed strategy together before campaign setup and execution.



We’ll optimize your campaign for maximum results with regular campaign reviews.

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