Importance Of Design In Marketing And Business

Managing a brand’s marketing is never easy.

Whether you are a business owner or a marketing professional, one thing is certain. Work is never complete!

Every day, consumers get bombarded with ads. And even the most exciting ad campaigns eventually become boring.

Just as a rainy sky is filled with grey clouds. How do we design our creatives to stand out?

Can good design compel our customers to purchase or inquire effectively?

Or is this just fluff and not effective?

The first step here is to understand the importance of design in marketing.

Are you ready?

Spend more now, save even more later

Let’s face the truth, to have good design, you’ll need a good designer.

The more experienced a design agency is, the higher it is going to cost for their services. Conversely, establishing a design guideline early on has a perk.

Even though you might spend more money upfront, you are going to save down the road when you want to expand your efforts in marketing.

Think of Paul, a new in-house marketer whose first task is to put together a black Friday promotional campaign for his eCommerce company due in a week. The previous marketer did not do a proper handover, leaving our new marketing in-charge essentially stranded.

The worst part? Paul doesn’t have the design files from previous promotions. No one can find the files, leaving their promotion essentially stuck.

Paul sighs.

Luckily, his company’s design agency saves the day with the backup of their design files. By making small changes to old materials and duplicating existing design elements, the promotional banners were created where consistent branding is ensured.

A good creative design agency will always give you absolute control with your design files in all the formats you’ll require. Doing so would make uploading or using the files a breeze whether it’s for your exciting sales promotion or eye-catching social media banners.

It also means setting the tone right the first time, and more importantly, no more settling for inconsistencies in design and branding.

The bottom line of design?

Save unnecessary costs by eliminating unnecessary adjustments!

The importance of design and first impressions

The modern purchase journey is like travelling through a winding forest.

With competitors aplenty, how do we ensure that our brand is remembered?

The answer? A good first impression.

A good first impression improves the possibility of a future conversion. It creates remembrance and a lasting impact in the mindstream of your consumer.

It is highly unlikely that consumers would make a purchase the first time they cross paths with your brand. The average customer would have seen, heard and engaged with your business on at least one prior occasion.

Consumers who encounter your brand are often not ready to make a purchase immediately. In Singapore, 16% of consumers undertook an action after performing an online search.

A good first impression is created by utilizing eye-catching product visuals combined with well-written content that truly resonates with the consumer.

In addition to visual aesthetics, a great design also takes into account fundamentals such as effective navigation and usability.

You can prepare your website for this scenario, laying bricks in the plan to bring them back via various channels or even remarketing.

A well-designed funnel means that consumers will have a smooth experience getting the information they want, purchasing or making an inquiry.

A smoother experience increases the chances of conversions indeed.

Design is more than how it looks

Most people perceive design and designers as people who focus on visuals, visuals and only visuals.

In reality, a strategic design agency considers multiple aspects to derive the perfect visual.

Let’s take logo design as an example.

Crafting a logo considers your visual and brand identity, target audience, and of course, your logo’s visual aesthetics. 

Every single detail takes into account the bigger picture. From colours and shades and shades to shapes, each aspect sub-communicates a unique message.

For instance, the colour red signifies passion while blue represents trust and loyalty. Circles hint at unity and community while squares denote strength.

A good logo ties in with your brand identity and sub-communicates the intended message. A good design strategy incorporates identity and consistency in all of your brand assets.

Staying Consistent

When it comes to branding, consistency is the key.

Legends such as Nike and Disney dominate their consumers’ mindshare by focusing on one thing; Powerful, likeable and long-lived branding.

So, what are the consequences of inconsistency?

You risk your logo being used incorrectly, your colours adapted loosely and your brand values perceived inconsistently.

An inconsistent brand is naturally forgettable. And in the long run, it is the little inconsistencies that differentiate the good and the best.

A well-designed brand incites a positive emotional response and stays well-entrenched in the consumer’s mindshare.

Communicate your Brand’s Values Visually

Ideas, values, and goals are factors that pillar a brand. It’s easy to have core beliefs but it’s a different story communicating them.

Not everyone is going to read your mission or vision. And no one will be interested in your story. Not before they know what’s in it for them.

Every competitor is vying for the same customers’ attention. So, how are you going to outshine them?

A good design strategy can help you bring across these values visually, it leverages on an effective combination of colours, fonts and imagery. That’s how Steve Jobs dominated the smartphone age or how Macdonald’s won the fast-food race.

Don’t just design banners for the sake of designing. Utilize your creatives to communicate these values aesthetically.

Website Design

In today’s digital landscape, a strong online presence is essential for every business that is serious. A well-designed website is one that convinces customers and compels them to take action.

Of course, simply relying on visual aesthetics alone is not going to help you score your brownie points. Ease of use and navigation are also important factors when we design a website that’s effective. 

However, the sad reality is that poor navigation and usability is still a dime a dozen. On top of visuals, a website design firm knowledgable in marketing strategy considers additional but strategic factors:

  • Arranging and planning for design elements that work best for your target audience
  • Creating a hierarchy of visual information for consumers in varying stages
  • Crafting optimal copywriting for each consumer
  • Designing an effective purchase funnel

These factors ensure that your website delivers an optimal user experience.

Just like how listening is the key to effective communication, a good design agency would first listen to your requirements. Thereafter, add value by performing the necessary research on your industry, consumers, and competition.

A professional design agency understands current design trends and how these would impact the statistics of your greater marketing plan.

In the end, your website design should not only account for visuals without incorporating consumer buying considerations.

Social proofing your brand

Social media marketing makes up a huge part of maintaining and promoting your brand.

Looking at top social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. The most successful brands have an abundance of content to share.

So, what does design have to do with this?

Well, take a scroll through Pinterest or Instagram, look through the categories, search a few tags, influencers, or brands. Images that are meant to grow brand advocates are the ones that are meticulously planned.

Successful businesses engage their customers frequently, post consistently and curate their content skillfully.

The results? Increased sales with brand longevity.

To conclude

In conclusion, attention is scarce and markets are competitive. Leveraging on an effective design strategy can help your brand discover creative ways to tell your story.

Design your purchase journey for lasting brand remembrance and to convert customers effectively.

This may not be easy without ample time, an effective strategy and social media mastery. Hence, the birth of design and social media agencies.

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