The Ultimate Instagram Guide for Brands 2020

Why Instagram?

According to Instagram, the platform has over 1 billion accounts worldwide*, with half of its accounts using Instagram stories on a daily basis.

With 90% of accounts following a brand, Instagram is the social media platform to build a following for your brand.

Although there are more than 1 billion accounts, there should be fewer users (vs accounts) since a user can have more than one account.

*Based on Instagram’s internal data, June 2018. 

Instagram demographics

Although there are over 1 billion Instagram accounts, the available target audience is 900 million. Instagram will only serve ads to a maximum of 900 million users. 

This is based on its parent company Facebook’s ad planning estimates, where ads can only be served to people aged 18 and above! (As of March 2020)

Hence, whether your objective is to drive website visits, increase sales or start a cult following for your brand, Instagram is a great platform to do so!

Age ranges on Instagram

Instagram demographics based on Facebook’s ad forecasts are as follows:

Age RangeInstagram Accounts
18 to 24280 Million
25 to 34330 million
35 to 44160 million
45 to 5478 million
55 to 6432 million
65+19 million

We can see that the bulk of Instagram users fall under ages 18 to 34. Ages 35 to 44, holding higher purchasing power, amounted to 160 million.

What this means for brands is that Instagram is a great platform to invest in, for the next 2 to 3 decades at least. 

Businesses suitable for Instagram

Mainly B2C brands dominate Instagram however, we do see B2B businesses nailing it on Instagram as well. 

An example would be Mail Chimp, a brand that focuses on email marketing and marketing automation.

Brand colours, consistent theme, great post ideas, Mail Chimp has certainly done an excellent job with their Instagram feed! 

Check out their Instagram profile @mailchimp!

Post frequency on Instagram

As brands, do we have to post frequently on Instagram? Well, that depends! 

Yes to posting frequently if:

Part of your marketing objective is to engage with your customers.

If you’re in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) business, chances are that Instagram will be a great place to generate awareness, spark interest and possibly drive sales. 

B2C services thrive on Instagram as well! 

If you are able to post high-quality content consistently.

Since it’s a visual platform, uploading high-quality visuals matters on Instagram! 

What if your team doesn’t have the time or resources? Well, you can engage a social media agency to manage your channels for you. 

This way, you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your business while relying on experts to manage your social media channels!

If your business generates sales or inquiries via Instagram.

Well, this is self-explanatory. Some businesses gain plenty of inquiries due to the nature of its products or services.

For instance, hair salons, nail parlours, restaurants, cafes and fast-moving products.

How frequent should I post on Instagram? That’s up to you. Consistency is key. 

You can’t post twice a day in one week and post only once the next. 

First impressions matter

What’s more important than posting frequently? First impressions! 

A well structured Instagram page that appeals to target audiences would work a long way into the brand mindshare of your consumer. 

Fresh did a great job with:

  • An easy to understand bio
    This allows users to easily understand what their business is about.
  • Featured stories
  • Quality content
  • Leveraging on hashtags
    They placed their original hashtag in their bio
  • Product tagging in posts
  • Utilizing IGTV

Check out their Instagram profile @freshbeauty

To conclude

Instagram is a great platform to market your brand but you’ll have to do it right! 

We hope you enjoyed our Instagram guide for brands and businesses, let us know if you have any questions in the comments!

Quality beats quantity, always test and optimize!

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