Sharing LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content Access – 4 Easy Steps

What is LinkedIn direct sponsored content access?

Direct sponsored content consists of ad creatives not uploaded to your LinkedIn page.

Advertisers would have to request direct sponsored content access if they are not an admin of the associated LinkedIn page. Page administrators do not have to do so as they already have access to post direct sponsored content.

How to share direct sponsored content access for LinkedIn Ads

Step 1: Go to your LinkedIn Page

Step 2: Click on Admin Tools

This can be found on the top-right corner in the header section.

Step 3: Add the new users under ‘Sponsored Content Posters’

Note that you’ll need to be connected on LinkedIn to grant direct sponsored content access.

LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content Access - Adding Users

Step 4: Don’t forget to save your changes! 🙂

This concludes our LinkedIn direct sponsored content access guide.

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