LinkedIn Insight Tag Access – Adding Accounts

Can we link multiple ad accounts to the same LinkedIn Insight Tag?

Yes. Both ad accounts will have access to the same data. The tag can be used by both accounts for remarketing and conversion tracking.

LinkedIn Insight Tag Access Levels

There are 2 levels of access:

  • Full access
    Allows users to grant tag permissions to other ad accounts that they have access to.
  • Use-only access
    Does not allow users to grant tag permissions to other ad accounts. This level of access allows accounts to track website demographics, build website audiences and create conversions.


For the ad account with the tag access, you’ll need:

  • ‘Creative manager’ access or higher.

For the ad account to receive the tag, you’ll need:

  • ‘Viewer’ access or higher.
  • The account name or ID

How to grant an ad account access to your LinkedIn Insight Tag?

Step 1: Sign in to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Step 2: Select the correct account

Step 3: Click on ‘Account Assets’ > ‘Insight Tag’

‘Account Assets’ can be found in on the header (top left).

Step 4: Click on ‘Manage Insight Tag’ > ‘Manage Sharing’

‘Manage Insight Tag’ can be found on the top-right header.

Step 5: Select the access level and add the ad account name or ID

  • Full access
  • Use-only access

Step 6: Remember to save your settings! 🙂

This concludes our LinkedIn Insight Tag access guide.

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