Meta Tags Guide

What are meta tags?

Meta tags are HTML code tags that help search engines define your web page content.

Meta title

Meta title code example:

<title>Meta title example. This is how your meta title looks like in HTML.</title>

Meta titles are located in the <head> section of your website.

Optimal length

Although there is no official documentation from Google, the optimal meta title length would be 50 to 60 characters as this helps to avoid truncation.

Optimal format

Generally, the optimal format would have your brand name at the end of your meta title.

Focus key phrase | Brand Name


Focus key phrase – Brand Name

Having the focus key phrase in the front better captures the searcher’s attention as its more relevant.

Meta title format example:

Digital Agency in Singapore – Rogue Digital

Meta Description

Meta description code example:

<meta name="description" content="Meta description example.">

Optimal length

No official optimal length, a good practice would be to have 155 characters. In some instances, the meta title can go up to 300 characters. Whichever the case, the essential information should stay within the first 155 characters.


Truncation occurs when your text gets cut off due to its length. This is not ideal for your search results (example below).

Meta title & description truncation example:

Digital Agency Singapore - Rogue Digital -

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