How To Comment As A Page On Facebook

Why comment on other Facebook pages using your page?

In today’s digital landscape, screentime has certainly taken over a significant portion of our lives. Gone was the dominance of traditional advertising platforms such as billboards, TV and newspapers.

Nowadays, browsing apps and interacting with our loved ones via social media has become a commonplace in our lives. With popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram capturing the attention of billions of potential customers, growing a brand via the internet has never been more accessible.

However, to stand out amongst the onslaught of social media posts every day, brands have to constantly vie for their consumer’s mindshare, striving to grow their recognition and engagement on all mediums. This also means that driving engagement on social media is crucial in an ever-competitive environment.

In the world of social media, awareness and engagement are certainly essential building blocks in growing a brand. Commenting on another Facebook page or brand allows you to drive greater brand awareness, engagement and followers, an efficient Facebook post management strategy if you do it right!

How does this work? Well, by commenting on another page’s post, you naturally show up in the posts on the other page as a comment. This allows you the chance to interact with followers of the page, thereby driving higher engagement. This also allows both Facebook pages to interact, allowing for more engagement between both brands.

Note that you can only comment on other Facebook pages not personal Facebook profiles. 

Here are the steps on how to comment as a page on Facebook

Step 1: Log in to Facebook

Step 2: Select a Facebook page that you manage via the ‘pages’ tab on the left

This will be the Facebook page that you’ll be using to comment.

Step 3: Access your Facebook page’s news feed on the left menu.

Step 4: Look for the Facebook page that you want to comment on via your page’s news feed.

And you’re done! 🙂

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