How To Follow Other Businesses On Facebook With Your Business Page

Can a business page follow another business page on Facebook?

Yes, you can! Using your own business page, you can comment on another Facebook page using this method as well!

Why follow another business with your Facebook page?

There could be several reasons why you might want to follow another business page on Facebook. Primarily businesses do it for several reasons such as increasing brand awareness and driving greater engagement.

Perhaps the page in question is a potential client and you’d like to reach out to them. Maybe you want to be updated about the latest happenings from another page. Or it could be to show support to brands you collaborate with. Regardless of the reason, following another Facebook page is simple.

Here’s how to do it!

Here’s how to follow other businesses on Facebook using your own Facebook page

Step 1: Log in to Facebook

Step 2: Select a Facebook page that you manage via the ‘pages’ tab on the left

This will be the Facebook page that you’ll be using to comment.

Step 3: Access your Facebook page’s news feed on the left menu.

Step 4: Look for the Facebook page that you want to follow.

This should appear on your page’s news feed.

Step 5: Follow the pages that you’d like, and click on the ‘see more’ button if you can’t find the page you’re looking for!

Step 6: Scroll to find the page that you’re looking for!

If you search for the page you plan to follow via Facebook’s search function, you will only be able to do so using your personal profile. Hence, scrolling via your news feed seems to be the only method available right now!

You can however, like the other Facebook page using your own page by searching for it! 🙂

That’s it! Following another Facebook page is pretty easy.

Do you like the Facebook news feed feature for pages? Drop a comment below to share your experience! 🙂

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