How To Create A Facebook Page Username

This guide covers the exact steps in detail on how to create a Facebook page username. But before we proceed, let’s delve a little deeper into its definitions and advantages!

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What is a Facebook page username?

The Facebook page username is a unique name (that appears below your page name) and URL given to your page.

It is also known as a ‘vanity Facebook username’, ‘vanity URL’, ‘Facebook page handle’, ‘Facebook page handle’ and/ or a ‘social media handle’.

The Facebook page username can be found below the page name. The username starts with the @ symbol.
The Facebook page username can also be found in the page URL

Advantages of having a Facebook Page Username

An effective page username allows customers to easily identify your brand on Facebook.

Additionally, a consistent handle across different social media platforms makes it easier for customers to access your brand online. For example, our brand, Rogue Digital Singapore, utilises a common social media handle ‘roguedigitalsg’:

Beyond the realm of social media, a custom social media handle adds benefit to your brand’s SEO too. Since you can include your brand name within your Facebook page URL, search engines are able to better associate your Facebook page with your brand in general.

This association allows your Facebook page to rank higher when potential customers search for your brand via search engines, thus capturing a larger space on Google.

Facebook page username eligibility

Note that Facebook only allows brands to select page usernames that have not been taken. This means that finding a unique page username can be challenging given that each social media channel has its own eligibility requirements.

Requirements for Facebook page username creation

Firstly, you need to have admin access to the Facebook page. Usernames can only contain alphanumeric characters. This includes alphabets (A to Z), numbers (0 to 9) and full stops. Domain extensions are not allowed (.com or .org).

The minimum requirement for your page username is 5 characters and you cannot rely on full stops or capital letters to differentiate usernames. For instance, Facebook considers the usernames below as the same username

  • samplebrand
  • SampleBrand
  • sample.brand
  • Sample.Brand

Note that there can only be one username per Facebook page and your username should not impersonate another person. If you have created several new pages, you may not be able to create a username for a new page. Also, your page username must adhere to Facebook’s terms.

Lastly, if your page is inactive, Facebook may remove your page’s username!

Steps on how to create a Facebook page username

For this guide, we are going to utilise a dummy Facebook page titled ‘Sample mall page’. This was a page we created to test an islandwide shopping mall campaign in Singapore previously. The perfect example since this page doesn’t have an optimised username.

If you look at the URL of the page, you can see that Facebook has assigned it with a username that consists of the page’s name followed by its page ID: Sample-Mall-Page-111287237767140

This is the default method of how Facebook assigns a page username.

Step 1: Go to Facebook

Step 2: Click on pages located in the left menu of your news feed

Step 3: Select your Facebook page

Step 4: Select ‘Create @username

Step 5: Type in the username of your choice.

Before you do so: consider the availability of this username on other platforms too!

If available, there will be a green tick on the right side of your username.

Step 6: Confirm and verify

Click on the ‘Create Username’ button to confirm.

You should see an update Facebook page username as well as an updated Facebook page URL.

And you’re done!

Creating a Facebook page username is easy. Do you like our guide? Comment below to share your experience! 🙂

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