Selecting a Facebook Page Template – An Easy To Understand Guide

Are you considering enhancing the layout of your Facebook page? Perhaps you are thinking of switching Facebook page templates for an improved user experience. Whichever the case, selecting the right template for your brand sets in stone the foundation for your brand’s social media presence on Facebook.

What is a Facebook page template?

A Facebook page template sets the layout of your page’s buttons and tabs. There are a series of options to choose from and each template is designed to cater to different types of brands and organisations.

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Facebook page template advantages

Although having the option of selecting the right template requires extra steps when setting up your page, having the option to select a ideal template allows several advantages:

Improved user experience

A page template determines the order of tabs in which your target audience experiences. This means that you can now tailor your page visitors’ user experience to your marketing goals.

The ability to feature the most important aspects of your brand

No two brands are the same, and each brand would want to highlight and showcase different aspects that they deem to be the most important. For instance, a restaurant may want to highlight its photos, positive reviews and location(s). On the other hand, an educational institute might want to emphasize its history and legacy, courses and upcoming events (e.g. open house).

Improve engagement

Whether you are striving to grow and nurture your Facebook group, improve post engagement or increase interaction with your audiences, selecting the right page template would certainly help.

Increased conversion rates

Perhaps you’d like to increase your brand’s video views on Facebook. Or maybe you’re looking at driving more event signups. Regardless of your objective, having the ability to tailor your Facebook page allows you to focus on your marketing goals thereby increasing chances of customers taking action.

Types of Facebook page templates

There are several choices available depending on the purpose of your page and organisation. These include:


For businesses including a tab to post job openings, special offers and more.

This template is designed to cater for brick and motor shops or businesses that focuses on lead generation. eCommerce businesses may consider the shopping template instead.

Featured tabs: Home, Groups, Jobs, Events and more.
Hidden tabs: None.


Perfect for charities and foundations, this layout structures tabs that encourage fundraising and donations.

Our recommendation: Highlight the ‘why’ of your cause. Capturing hearts and minds with precise and detailed copywriting makes a world of difference, in your marketing KPIs, that is.

Featured tabs: Home, About, Events, Photos and More.
Hidden tabs: None.


Designed for poiliticians, this template focuses on reaching supporters and facilitates communication.

Whether you are a politician or political party, this template is ideal for you to convey your message and reach the people.

Featured tabs: Home, About, Videos and Events.
Hidden tabs: Groups, Jobs, Reviews and Offers.

Public Figures

Ideal for celebrities, famous figures and influencers (KOLs).

This template structures tabs with the goal of enabling public figures to reach and communicate with their followers. Business-centric tabs (e.g. offers and reviews) will be hidden.

Featured tabs: Home, About, Videos, Events and More.
Hidden tabs: Groups, Reviews and Offers.

Restaurants and cafes

For F&B establishments, this template aims to highlight photos and relevant information such as your menu, opening hours and location(s).

Our recommendation: Leverage high-quality images and videos. Go beyond showcasing your delicious delectables by featuring influences in your posts as well.

Featured tabs: Home, Offers, Reviews, Photos and More.
Hidden tabs: Groups.


This template strives to help people find and get in touch with your services.

Our recommendation: Be as detailed as possible and layout all the services that you provide. More importantly, strive for customer reviews too. The secret is to not be shy in asking! 😉

Featured tabs: Home, Services, Reviews, Shop and More.
Hidden tabs: Groups


The emphasis of this template focuses on showcasing products to facilitate online shoppers, with the shop tab visible.

Designed for eCommerce businesses or non-eCommerce businesses (e.g. a brick and motor retail outlet) that aim to feature their products online.

Featured tabs: Home, Events, Reviews, Photos, Shop and More.
Hidden tabs: None.


A balanced and well-rounded template that is suitable for all page types.

This is literally the template to choose if the other templates don’t resonate with your brand.

Featured tabs: Home, Groups, Jobs, Events and More.
Hidden tabs: None.


Designed to showcase the venue’s opening hours, address and upcoming events.

Ideal for businesses such as photography studios, meeting and ballroom rentals, expos, art galleries and more!

Featured tabs: Home, Events, Reviews, About and More.
Hidden tabs: Groups.

Video Page

Ideal for video content creators or media companies that focus on video production, this template is structured to showcase video content on your Facebook page.

Featured tabs: Home, Live, Videos, Groups and More.
Hidden tabs: Jobs, Reviews and Offers.

Steps on how to select a Facebook page template

Selecting a page template is easy. All you have to do is follow the steps below. There are two ways to access the templates tab.

Method 1: Accessing your Facebook page templates via Settings

Step 1: Go to Facebook

Step 2: Click on pages located in the left menu of your news feed

Step 3: Select your Facebook page

Step 4: Select ‘Settings’

Step 5: Click on ‘Templates and tabs’.

Step 6: Under ‘Templates’ click on ‘Edit’.

Step 7: Select the template of your choice and click on ‘Apply Template’

And you’re done!

Method 2: Accessing your page templates directly from the menu

Step 1: Go to Facebook

Step 2: Click on pages located in the left menu of your news feed

Step 3: Select your Facebook page

Step 4: From your Facebook page, select ‘Edit Tabs’ under the ‘More’ Button.

Step 5: Under ‘Templates’ click on ‘Edit’.

Step 6: Select the template of your choice and click on ‘Apply Template’

Easy isn’t it? Don’t forget to configure each tab once you’ve selected your template!

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